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Wind power base spray



Wind turbine anti-corrosion coating equipment                                 Wind Photovoltaic Generator Equipment Thermal Spraying                   Wind Photovoltaic Blade Thermal Spray


Wind power tower anti-corrosion automatic zinc coating                   Wind power base anti-corrosion automatic zinc coating


Wind power base anti-corrosion automatic zinc coating                                         Street lamp base


Wind turbine equipment


2 the scope of application

Power Systems

power plant

Turbine cylinder head

Suction, exhaust fan impeller

Pulverized coal pulverized coal boiler heating system four tubes

Boiler "four tubes"(Water Walls, Superheaters, Reheaters and Economizers)

Hydropower station

Small and medium power station turbine impeller Activity guide vanes, top cover, bottom ring

wind power


nuclear power

Large nuclear steam turbine , Blade Thermal Barriercoating

Diesel engine parts


3. Functional coating





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